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NIGERIAN JOBS: Electronic Banking Officers at Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc

NIGERIAN JOBS: Electronic Banking Officers at Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank Plc

Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank PLC (ITMB) was licensed in 2002 and started business operations in 2003, precisely, 13 years ago. Its registered trade mark - Infinity Homes is a reflection of the strong desire of the Bank to create endless opportunities for shelter for every category of Nigerians.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Electronic Banking Officer


Job Requirements
  • A first degree or its equivalent.
  • Have a very good knowledge of electronic banking.
  • Have proficient knowledge on the use of Microsoft Office packages.
  • Have advanced technical knowledge of eletronic products such as ATM,POS,Cards, Mobile Banking Apps, Web Solution, Internet banking etc.
  • Must have basic back end understanding of electronic product operations,dynamics & reconciliation.
  • Minimum of four (4) years experience in electronic banking field.
Application Closing Date
Not Specified.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV's to:

Note: Candidates should quote the position applied for as the subject of the mails.
Now that Ambode has arrived!, by Abdulrazaq Magaji

Now that Ambode has arrived!, by Abdulrazaq Magaji

If Eko oni baje was a coinage of the Ahmed Bola Tinubu-led government in Lagos State, the saying gained currency during the tenure of his successor, Raji Babatunde Fashola. Incumbent governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, is proving to be something else in giving real life and meaning to the slogan. After overcoming what appeared initial distractions, Ambode has, through his sterling performance over the past 18 months, attested to the widely-held belief that Lagos deserves nothing less than the best.

And, Lagos has always got the best! There has always been this feeling that Lagosians will always vote right for the nation’s Centre of Excellence to remain in safe hands! Little wonder apprehension was thick in the air when a fumbling Goodluck Jonathan, in a desperate effort to capture Lagos for the PDP relocated the seat of government to the nation’s former capital during the 2015 general elections. After flooding every available space of Lagos with local and foreign currencies, the former president’s party failed to tinker with the massive support enjoyed by the APC.

During the Fashola years, even opposition politicians could not resist the Lagos is working chorus and some openly confessed that Fashola gave real meaning to Eko oni baje. The former governor was so dexterous and so committed to taking Lagos to the next level to have warmed his way into the heart of APC national leader, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu. If, by the end of his tenure Fashola established Lagos as the most enviable single entity within the federation, what Ambode has done in the last 15 months or so has rekindled hope among experts that Lagos, not the troubled Niger Delta, is by far more crucial and more critical to Nigeria’s survival!

In his first 100 days in office, Governor Ambode appeared so unsure of the task ahead and simply played to the gallery by acting as if he was on a mission to shred whatever reputation his predecessor had built through diligent execution of office of governor. Ambode seized every opportunity to lash out at his predecessor and was so thorough in discrediting Fashola to the point of amusing opposition politicians who sneeringly referred to Governor Ambode’s PDF or Pull Down Fashola campaign as the major achievement of the administration in its first 100 days in office!

All Governor Ambode or his hirelings did then was to flash a controversial N78 million contract awarded by his predecessor for the upgrade of a website. Misapplication of public funds, for whatever reasons, is unacceptable and, had Ambode turned the blind eye to the act, chances are very few people would have believed Fashola was capable of spending public funds to the tune of N78 million to upgrade a private website. Even if Ambode wanted to turn the blind eye, Fashola’s rising political profile, especially at a time there were calls on the leadership of his party to consider him for national duties, must have rankled a section of the APC.

In fact, Fashola’s profile once rose to a point where people indicated their preparedness to endorse a Muslim-Muslim ticket if he was picked to run with then candidate Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari! Under normal circumstances, this should be an enduring tribute to a man whose name remains high on the fast-receding list of upright Nigerians. But, with politics in the mix, it did not take too long for the air to get thick with speculations that Fashola had inadvertently angered the gods.

Curiously, it was Ambode, the man Fashola vigorously campaigned to succeed him, who turned round to exact a revenge on behalf of the angry gods.Whoever advised Ambode to abandon a proxy war, however, has the interest of the governor at heart! But, equally important is the fact that it is to the eternal benefit of the good people of Lagos State that Ambode quickly got over the initial distraction and quickly went to work. And, boy! Ambode hasn’t disappointed! This is to be expected, anyway, because right from the epoch-making days of Alhaji Abdullateef Jakande, the Baba Kekere of Chief Awolowo’s political family, Lagos has been lucky with its civilian governors who all virtually ended their tenure with the action governor moniker.

Ultimately, of course, governance in Lagos State has become a relay. And, in this relay to excel, Ambode is following in the footsteps of his predecessors who left the state better than they met it. This is a fact to which residents and visitors to the state readily attest. For instance, the Ambode administration has further opened up the state to the point of drastically reducing Lagos’ legendary chaos, which was one of the reasons cited for the relocation of the seat of government to Abuja. The governor is doing this by building on the revolution initiated by his predecessors to ease traffic gridlock on Lagos roads. The procurement of hundreds of large-bodied buses to beef up the state transport service is a right step to link and open up more parts of the states.

Security remains a major challenge but the assistance rendered to security agencies by the state government is expected to improve the situation. The Ambode administration has reinvigorated the war against indiscipline that has encouraged more people to use footbridges without having to compete for space with street hawkers or have their dress pulled by desperate beggars. Gradually, reefer-reeking Area Boys and Girls are being taken off the streets. What the Ambode administration is doing in Lagos is an attestation of what any determined and focussed leadership is capable of doing. One great lesson democracy teaches, but unfortunately lost on politicians, is that peaceful change comes through the ballot.

The continuing good work in Lagos stems from that Lagosians are clearheaded in distinguishing serious leaders and pretenders. It was in the spirit of voting for clearheaded leaders that Lagosians lined behind Ambode in April, last year. It is in the common interest of the people of Lagos State that he realised early enough that he was elected to improve on the performance of his predecessors. He could not have done that with people breathing down his neck and getting him distracted in the process.

Yes! Ambode has arrived!
HUNGER IN THE LAND: Woman kidnaps sister's daughter over N30,000

HUNGER IN THE LAND: Woman kidnaps sister's daughter over N30,000

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a Ghanaian, Enyolam Believe, for allegedly kidnapping her niece in the Ikotun area of the state.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Believe, who had been living in Lagos for the past 17 years, conspired with her friend, Agatha Aigbomiam, to commit the crime last Tuesday.

The eight-year-old victim was alleged to have been kidnapped on her way to school and taken to Ogun State by Aigbomiam.

The victim was said to have raised the alarm which drew the attention of residents, leading to the arrest of both suspects.

A police source said 43-year-old Believe and the victim’s mother had searched for the child, including reporting a case of missing person at a police station.

He said, “The suspect and the girl’s mother are sisters. Believe, however, colluded with her friend, Aigbomiam, to abduct the girl so that she could make money from the mother.

“Their plan was that the friend would kidnap the child and hide her somewhere in Ogun State, while she would negotiate the ransom with the mother on the phone.

“When the girl went missing, the girl’s mother called her and they both searched for the girl. She even suggested that they should report the case to the police. The mother never suspected that she was behind the kidnap.”

The source said while people were looking for the girl, the suspect was also trailing the movement of her friend and the victim on the phone.

He said the kidnapped girl, while in captivity, raised the alarm that Aigbomiam was not her mother and called for help from some Ogun residents, who came to her aid.

The matter was said to have been reported to a community leader, who invited the police.

The source said, “When the police discovered that Aigbomiam was not alone in the crime and she was receiving calls from Believe, they decided to play along. They asked her to invite Believe to Ogun State.

“It was when she arrived that the police arrested her. The case was subsequently transferred to Lagos State where the offence was committed. That was where the mother of the girl saw that her own sister was behind her ordeal.”

The suspects, who were paraded before journalists at the police command headquarters in Ikeja on Thursday, confessed to the crime.

Believe said she hoped to make N30,000 from the kidnap, adding that she needed the money for a business.

She said, “I have my own children. I needed money badly that time and I thought of different ideas, which didn’t work. So, I decided to kidnap my sister’s daughter and demand N30,000 ransom from her. I involved my friend because I didn’t want to be the one to take the girl from school. I don’t know what came over me.”

Aigbomiam, a 42-year-old trader from Ekpoma, Edo State, said Believe asked her to kidnap the victim after she returned from a surgery in Benin.

“She said she wanted to use the girl to collect some money from her sister. She just showed me the girl’s school and I kidnapped her around 7.30am on Tuesday, while she was going to school. I took her to my relative’s house in Ogun State. I was stupid for doing such a thing.”

The state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, while advising parents and guardians to be vigilant over their children and wards, said the suspects would be arraigned in court at the end of investigation.

It's sheer madness to join politics because of money - Osinbajo

It's sheer madness to join politics because of money - Osinbajo

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday said it was sheer madness for anybody occupying public offices to be looking for money.

He said President Muhammadu Buhari told him repeatedly that at his age, his only heart’s desire was to see a great Nigeria.

He said Buhari had no other objective in office than that.

According to a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande, the Vice-President spoke while receiving a delegation of Christian Ministers Welfare Initiative also known as the Pastors’ Forum, Taraba State, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

“This morning, I had a meeting with the President and he repeated to me twice, he said ‘at my age, there is only one thing I am looking for, I want to see a great Nigeria.’ He has no other objective and I feel very inspired by that,” Osinbajo reportedly told his guests.

He said anybody who had the opportunity of being the President of the country should only be thinking of how to improve the lot of the people.

Osinbajo said, “It is madness for anybody in our position to be looking for money.

“According to him, God put people in a position of authority for them to be able to do something for their people.

“I think if any Nigerian gets the chance to be President of the country, there is nothing he/she is looking for anymore, except that, while there, you improve the lot of the people.”

Osinbajo reiterated his position that no economy could tolerate the level of corruption seen in Nigeria without the consequence.

He regretted that while Nigerians were being killed by the Boko Haram fighters, people could not account for $15bn meant for the purchase of security equipment to fight the insurgents.

The Vice-President also explained how vandalism of oil installations had contributed to the recession being witnessed in the country.

He said Nigeria had lost several millions of barrels of crude oil due to the activities of militants in the Niger Delta.

On power, the Vice-President said the country was producing 5,000MW of power for the first time by early 2016, but by February 2016 the Forcados terminal was destroyed by militants.

As a result of the vandalism, he said 40 per cent of the gas used to fire the power plants was lost and the country was down to 2,500MW of power.

He observed that at the time the militants started blowing up oil and gas installations, the amnesty stipends were still being paid, insisting that they went violent because of ongoing investigation of corrupt persons.

“Nothing changed, the only reason is that we are investigating people who have stolen money,” Osinbajo said.

He added that the country was losing one million barrels of oil a day, nothing that, that was 60 per cent  of the country’s revenues, and there was nowhere such an amount of revenue would be  lost that people would not experience economic challenge and  recession.

While expressing optimism that the country would come out of the recession, Osinbajo stated that “there is no question at all, God has a reason for bringing us in at this time and God helping us, we will see a change in this country.”

He urged the Church and all religious leaders to stand up against corruption, stressing that if this government had been doing the right thing by fighting corruption, the Church should support it.

He also assured his guests that the Federal Government was working hard to end the problem of the ravaging herdsmen.

Osinbajo said the President had instructed the police and the military to act and deal with the herdsmen’s menace.

He said those behind the herdsmen’s violence were criminals.

While calling on honest men in the country to work together, Osinbajo said God had structured Nigeria in such a way that no one could dominate another.

Remember the prodigal son, by Duro Onabule

Remember the prodigal son, by Duro Onabule

As a young boy at St. Paul’s Primary School, Breadfruit, Lagos, I had this favourite teacher, Mr. Esugbohungbe, an Ijesha from today’s Osun State. His speciality was in moulding our character with illustrative stories from the bible. One of such which stuck in my head (over sixty years ago) was the parable of the prodigal son, who insisted his father should release to him his overall inheritance as he was prepared to go out into the world and survive on his own. All pleas to him from his parents and siblings to the contrary, fell on deaf ears. Eventually, his wishes were met and within a short time, the prodigal son frittered all he thought he had and had to return home in shame, especially as he discovered others, under the strict guidance of their parents, had each multiplied in status and wherewithal.

The import of this parable is for any adherent of whatever religion, especially in the light of the current controversy over prospects of selling our national assets, for which unconvincing ostensible reasons are being dangled. The proceeds from the sale of the assets will either be pumped into the economy to shore it up or to repay our loan, according to the agitators of selling our national assets. This controversy cannot be flippantly handled just like that, as we say outside the ruling class. Under the administration of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigerians were made to believe that the foreign debt had been virtually entirely liquidated. Which foreign loan are we, therefore, so desperate to repay and, therefore, warrants the sale of our national assets? On the other hand, perhaps, no nation can float economically without foreign debt even after the previous one had been fully repaid under the Obasanjo administration. If, therefore, countries in other parts of the world owe foreign debt, what is unusual for Nigeria in the same class?

Which other serious country in the world run by sincere leaders sells off national assets to repay foreign debts or improve the economy? The only seeming grace is that so far, President Muhammadu Buhari, has not given Nigerians his official stand. Even then, that is more of cold comfort as his economic team, comprising Vice President Yemi Osibajo and state governors has okayed the move. In which case, the 2019 elections should be seen as so far and yet so near. Even before then, President Buhari must face the fact that he was not elected in 2015 to preside over the looting of Nigeria’s national assets by economic, business and political vermins under whatever guise, including diverting the proceeds to repaying foreign debt.

Do we have any enviable record of national assets disposal? Surely, not in recent history. Under the fog of privatisation and economic reform, a private company was hurriedly registered into which erstwhile national assets – government parastatals, landed property, business ventures, etc. – were misappropriated. A leading figure in the same government, which sold the assets, was offered two hundred million shares gratis by the emergency business conglomerate. That was a trap to compromise the leading figure in government, who accordingly, politely rejected the Greek gift. On the other hand, the other leading figure in government, ever greedy and insatiable, collected his own free two hundred million shares from the emergency company and hurriedly auctioned it at two naira per share, some four hundred million naira. And today, we are prosecuting non-influential Nigerians for collecting one hundred million naira? Why was it necessary at all for a newly incorporated company and blatantly favoured beneficiary of privatisation of national assets to offer millions of shares gratis to those who took the decision to sell national assets?

The first question President Buhari must tackle is: Who are those already lined up to buy our national assets? The same gang in politics, economy, business and those who looted banks, roaming the streets as super entrepreneurs. Here is another question. If our national assets are sold and the proceeds pumped into the economy or utilized for liquidating our foreign debt, does that mean henceforth, our economy will become buoyant, once again, the biggest in Africa or that Nigeria will never again be indebted to foreign creditors? And should Nigeria be once again indebted (which is inevitable for any country in the world) which other national assets will be sold to repay such debt or stimulate the economy in the future? That is why, whether Buhari is going for a second term and especially if he is not, he must not incur the wrath of Nigerians or stain his reputation by inadvertently creating opportunity for business, political and economic thugs to loot our national assets. So far (about thirty months away) and yet so near, 2019 offers a suitable occasion for Nigerians to vote for or against looting of our national assets.

When last time national assets were misappropriated into an emergency conglomerate, how much was paid and how was the amount utilised? Was it pumped into the economy or did it stop Nigeria from from being indebted again? Instead, Nigeria suddenly deteriorated into a nation littered with private jets, some of them conveying government fund from one country to another… With whatever name fraudulent manipulation of Nigeria’s economy had been dignified – privatisation, diversification or even the speculated sale of our national assets – all we progressively ended with had benn shameless parade, initially, of millionaires and lately billionaires, to be imminently followed by trillionaires and first zillionaires in the world, in a nation of inequality where, along with these crooks, well-educated, well-skilled and able-bodied fellow citizens cast aside their human dignity to beg on streets, lament their agonies at door-steps of ordinary aquaintances or offer their children as house helps?
Dino and the cows of Abuja, by Azu Ishiekwene

Dino and the cows of Abuja, by Azu Ishiekwene

I’m looking for a knife, a very long and sharp one. I’m not possessed with murderous rage over the recession. The Central Bank governor, Godwin Emefiele, has said the worst is over and I believe him.

I’m just a law-abiding citizen in the Federal Capital Territory and all I wish to do is to carry out, to the letter, a recent order by the chairman of the Senate committee on the FCT, Dino Melaye.

At a meeting with the FCT minister on Monday, Melaye offered the final solution to the menace of cattle grazing in the city. He said that if herdsmen would not keep their cows off the main streets and the city centre, then all lawful residents must take up their knives and teach the cows and the herdsmen that Abuja is not George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’.

When I told a close friend that I needed to arm myself to comply with Dino’s instruction, he said I needed, first of all, to ascertain the distinguished senator’s state of mind at the time he gave that instruction. I’m not a shrink, I replied, I’m just a law-abiding citizen eager to obey the law.

Obviously determined neither to help me nor to let me be, the fellow added that I needed to be sure which Dino was giving the instruction before getting my knife. Dino Melaye, he insisted, is one of the most profoundly transformed and transforming political species in Nigeria’s recent political history. You have to know which Dino you’re mapping, to be sure.

There was Dino the Rep. Nine years ago, this Dino was one of the ring leaders in the House of Representatives ranged against Speaker Dimeji Bankole over allegations of improper contract awards. He fought Bankole to the bitter end and even though both of them failed reelection, the former Speaker will not forget Dino in a hurry.

There was also Dino the activist and founder of the Anti-Corruption Network. When the Jonathan Administration was still trying to figure out the difference between corruption and stealing, this Dino founded an NGO that claimed zero-tolerance for corruption.

During the fuel price hike riots of January 2012, Dino staged endless days of sit-ins at the Eagle Square in Abuja without worrying about cows or herdsmen. He was too weary and hopeless to notice. In fact, at the time, a casual onlooker might not have spotted any difference between him and herdsmen. Dino endured heat, harmattan and rough handling by anti-riot policemen, as a bona fide activist. That was then.

He even teamed up with the Bring Back Our Girls campaigners to draw the country’s and global attention to the disgraceful negligence of the girls and their families by the government at that time. That once upon a Dino gave former Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, hell for buying two bulletproof cars for over a quarter of a billion naira.

In 2015, however, after Dino the activist transformed into Dino the senator on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, his mutation defied mapping. His gross sense of humour about serious national issues, his shabby treatment of facts on the floor of the Senate, his tasteless joke about Governor Adams Oshiomhole not marrying a “made-in-Nigeria” wife and his spat with Senator Oluremi Tinubu were mild manifestations of wayward cells.

His friends on social media have a difficult time keeping up with his collection of exotic cars and his outrageous sense of fashion. You wonder why a senator from one of Nigeria’s poorest constituencies has to go to such extraordinary lengths to seek personal attention.

But that’s the Dino of today. He flaunts his political power and gets just as much high from it as he does from the wine branded in his name.

When he asks Abuja residents to sharpen their knives for stray cows, he thinks it’s a joke. Or perhaps he thinks he’s doing us a favour since the stray cows will never get near any of his new Mercedes Benz vintage collections anyway.

Whatever it is, Dino cannot pretend that he does not know that violent clashes between herdsmen and communities have claimed over 700 lives. Why should knife wielding even come up at all? I’m aghast that the contribution of a senator of the Federal Republic to solving an already serious problem is a call for more violence.

The herdsmen grazing cows on the streets of Abuja are rarely the owners. It doesn’t absolve them of liability for any damage or justify trespass. But neither will fining these hirelings end the problem. Often, the herd owners are wealthy and influential figures, mostly politicians like Dino. Just as he doesn’t care about feeding us with the smoke from his garage and the trash from his closet, the herd owners don’t care if their cows trample over the city.

Yet, the distinguished senator might just be surprised to find that if Abuja residents were to choose between the menace of the straying cows and the nuisance that he has become in the recent years, they would have no hesitation choosing the former.

Instead of asking citizens to get knives and go after the cows, the sensible thing would be to locate the largest herd owners in and around the city through formal and informal networks and collectively find a way to remove the menace. It won’t be easy, because Abuja’s main concrete jungle was greedily excised by displacing the original owners of the land who were mostly farmers and pastoralists.

But the built up part of the city is still a small fraction of the total land area, with plenty of potential grazing sites on the fringes. With a bit of brainwork, Abuja can truly be a model for how the rest of the country could tackle the menace of violent herdsmen.

To call for unilateral slaying of cows or for fines of up to N50,000 to be imposed on the herdsmen does not require thinking. Anyone with Dino’s current testosterone level can do that. The harder part is to find a solution that does not grab the headlines but goes to the heart of the problem.

Can Dino raise his game?

– Ishiekwene is the MD/Editor-In-Chief of The Interview and member of the Board of the Paris-based Global Editors Network.
DOWNLOAD THIS: Ichaba – 'Jisoro' Ft. Mayorkun [Prod. by Fresh]

DOWNLOAD THIS: Ichaba – 'Jisoro' Ft. Mayorkun [Prod. by Fresh]

Davido Music Worldwide is proud to unveil its new act – Ichaba who is certainly not a newcomer in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Ichaba who featured on the label’s collaborative single ‘Back 2 Back’ which was released in May recently put pen to paper signing a joint venture between Davido Music Worldwide and APPE Music Entertainment.

Here’s his debut single titled 'Jisoro' featuring labelmate Mayorkun.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

NIGERIAN JOBS: Language Professionals at a Reputable International School

NIGERIAN JOBS: Language Professionals at a Reputable International School

A reputable International School located in Lekki area of Lagos seeks the expertise of suitably qualified candidates to handle the job below:

Job Title: Language Professional

Lekki, Lagos

  • Applying instructional activities that actively engage students in meaningful learning experiences and ensuring continual student growth and achievement.
  • Planning, assessing and revising curricula, course content, course materials and methods of instruction.
  • Cooperating with colleagues to augment the instructional environment and ensure a logical scope and order to the language department program.
  • Constantly updating himself/herself on technology advances and  incorporating technology in the classroom.
  • Maintaining discipline in the classroom.
  • Connecting students knowledge to earlier learning and developing ways to encourage it further challenging and inspiring students to help them deepen their knowledge and  understanding.
  • Developing and promoting the appropriate skills and social abilities to allow the optimum progress of the children, according to age, ability and aptitude.
  • Modifying activities and assignments to meet the learning needs of each individual student.
Requirement, Skills and Experience
  • Minimum of BA/B.ED in Igbo Language. Masters Degree or any other  professional qualification would be an added Advantage.
  • Minimum of five years teaching experience in a school environment.
  • Familiarity and competent in the Nigerian educational Curriculum.
  • Good diction
  • Highly conscientious and committed to the highest standards of  professional service.
  • Ability to relate well with different groups of students of  different ages and ability levels.
  • History of personal achievement.
  • Excellent listening, communication,writing, organisational, research  and IT skills.
Applicaction Closing Date
31st October, 2016.

Method of Application:
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV's to:

Note: Please ensure you meet the necessary requirements before applying  for this position.