Couple slapped with $13,500 fine for having loud sex and disturbing neighbors



A man and a woman were dragged to court for having very loud sex sessions, which disturbed their neighbors, according to court documents in Italy.

Now, the couple has been fined $13,500 for having loud sex that forced the neighbors to move away from the street.

The couple, who are both 30 years old, were found guilty of noise pollution and harassment for their loud sex sessions in San Martino.

The couple’s neighbors first went to court 6 years ago, to complain about the noise pollution. One neighbor said that the sex noise was deafening and kept their 2 children awake at night.

The man, who was not identified, was sentenced to four months in prison, and his girlfriend was given a noise stop order.

The couple appealed the sentence, and they have now been ordered to pay $10,500 in damages to their neighbors who now live elsewhere, and $3,000 in legal fees.

The apartment next to the noisy couple remains unoccupied due to the sex noise.

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