Daddy Freeze Advice The Public to Forget About Pastors and Get Rich



According to Daddy Freeze he said lots of things most especially gave advise to the public that there’s no straightforward way to guarantee one’s self a rich future, therefore, following and listening to pastors is a waste of time if you are hoping for a wealthy future.

Read what Daddy Freeze wrote below;

”The Chinese people that built this train (look out for China civil on the coachwork), have the world’s largest number of billionaires in dollars, a total of 819 billionaires and have eradicated extreme poverty.

In China 90% of the population does not believe in, or practice ANY religion. Of the 10% left, majority are Buddhist.

Practicing a religion or worshipping God does NOT guarantee wealth, if it did, Nigeria with 5 churches on every street will have the highest number of billionaires, instead we have only 5 billionaires in dollars and the world’s largest number of poor people living in extreme poverty, visit

If you want to be rich stop listening to any pastor or religious leader, instead go to business school, or try to emulate the Chinese. ~FRZ”

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