Lady Claims she’s in love with Her cousin (Details)



A 22-year-old girl identified as Marche, who is currently in a sexual relationship with her cousin, took to Instagram to advocate for incestuous relationship, as she recounted how they hid their love from their family.

Marche stated that she is glad she fell in love with her cousin as romantic relationships should not be limited.

She posted some tweets below:

“Cousin love. Y’all need to get over who I chose to fuck. Cousin or not y’all weird asf. Can we change the stigma of incest? Don’t let y’all being cousins stop you from being in love. I shouldn’t be limited to love because we’re related.

I remember growing up, we had to hide our love from our family. Sleepovers was too lit now we grown and we don’t gotta hide. Blood can’t make us any closer but I’m so glad I fell in love with my cousin”.

When asked how they are related, she replied:

“We’re first cousins. Our moms are sisters.”

The lady added that she and her cousin are sexually active. When followers expressed concern that their kids will be inbred and will likely have genetic maladies, she said she doesn’t care because she is on birth control.

Even though some of her followers are against her choice of relationship, some declare their support and respect for her decision…

See screenshot some reactions on Twitter below;

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