Man arrested for smuggling 100 pounds of used G-strings



Border police officers were surprised to find women’s used underwear being smuggled into Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has seized 100 pounds of second hand g-strings, thongs and regular panties at the Sango Border Post.

“In a move aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of people from dangerous and harmful substances as well as curbing smuggling, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) placed canine units at ports of entry and exit into the country,” Zimra officials stated on their Facebook account.

It is prohibited to import used garments into Zimbabwe, whether they were purchased or donated. The law is seen as a measure to help protect the domestic textile industry.

The ban on imports of second hand clothes is also meant to address the health problems associated with the use of second-hand underwear.

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe, has forced many people into buying used clothing including underwear, which has been donated by developed countries around the world. (WWWN)

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