People with body odor banned from public library



Several people who have a bad odor, were told that they are now allowed to enter Europe’s largest public library.

Three smelly people in the United Kingdom, who were seen reading books at the Birmingham library, were prevented from browsing the shelves in the building due to lack of personal hygiene.

Two other people have been banned from the library for indecent exposure while three others were banned for aggressive behavior towards staff.

Police said that there have been 46 separate physical or verbal attacks against library staff in Birmingham.


The director of the Birmingham Library said that over three million people visited the library since opened last year, and the vast majority of visitors are very respectful.

However, those who are, will not be allowed inside.

A library spokesperson said that they only ban people who are violating library rules or those who behave in a way that is intolerable or even dangerous to other visitors or staff.

The Birmingham Library contains about a million books.

The library also provides access to a vast archive of film and television belonging to the British Film Institute. (WWWN)

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