How to Attract More Customers for Family Practices



If you are reading this article right now you must be wondering… why the hell do you even need tips on how to attract more customers when your family members are already doing a good job? Now that’s where you’re getting it all messed up.

See, every business needs the power of a reliable circle of customers to keep the business going. And while you might think you’ve got enough, you could wake up to a rude shock that the customer’s you have were only passerby(s).

That reminds me. When I first started my dental practice my wife and I really wanted a facility that will not only serve us and satisfy our customers but one that even our kids could take up once we retired.

At that time we were only young and newly married and we didn’t have so many needs really. So when we put up the facility we were quick to move out of focus and spend our money on luxury and before we knew it, we were closed and out of business.

The good thing is, we learned our lesson right and has since been in business for over two decades now since we got back.

What You Must Know

Family businesses are often hard to run since holding your loved ones accountable could lead to a murky affair. That’s why you need a helping hand. If you know what I am talking about and have been in that rough patch, make do with these tips and get more clientele your way.

Train Your Team

Organizing in-house training, getting seminars, taking appraisals for improvement, all these are very basic factors that will always give your team the skills they need to get new clients. More importantly, you should train them on customer care and relationship.

If you do, your team will be able to understand the following.

  • How to handle clients
  • How to address customer concerns
  • To appreciate customers
  • How to address old and new customers
  • Do-Follow

When we put up our second practice, my wife and I became much more serious than we were before. Indeed, we sat down and developed a few virtues that we would practice and specific commitments that we could make.

One thing that stood out was the best way to show our clients that they were appreciated so that they could give us more referrals.

We settled on doing follow up on clients for free and also offering free dental checkups for the people who gave us new referrals. For quite some time it stagnated but once it picked up we couldn’t help to grin.

TIP: Following up on patients is a great way of not only getting new clients but also retaining the existing clients too.

Go Online

The best way for a family practice to have an online presence is to have a website. And while making this website, they should understand the need of giving a professional outlook vis-à-vis making as responsive as they can for every patient irrespective of their browsing device.

The objective of a much more practical approach is not only to get more clients but also to show your experience and much to it how you can solve your patient’s problems.

Focus more on a mobile responsive website as many people who are in need of medical care own smart devices such as tablets and phones that they use to browse for the rated practitioners.

In our dental practice, we combined a great website with a good social media presence which sent our numbers of the roof. Talk to an expert web designer to give you the tips and also design a result-oriented website for you.


Start Blogging


Yes, you got that right. My wife is a good writer. Thank goodness I had her so I didn’t quite need to do blog. Or else you wouldn’t be reading this right now – just kidding!

Well, blogs are great at educating, informing, and enlighten potential clients of what they need and what you have to offer. It is an easy way of passing very important information and reaching out to numerous people who need help.

The satisfaction of imparting a life positively is the type of motivation that you need to keep going. However long it takes to see the results, a great blog with an expert view will always pay up if you wanted a thriving family practice.

If it didn’t then you wouldn’t have been here reading this post, would you?

Know Clients

The best way to show my kids that I care has always been to show them that I understand them and what they are about – it gives them the beaming smile that makes my heart melt every day.

What better gift can you give anyone if not a memorable sign of happiness? Knowing what your clients are about shows that you care about their needs and how to solve their problems.

This leads to interactive sessions that develop a strong relationship with you.

It is a great tip that I learned, and which has given me clients that are over a decade old with me. Remember, family practice like any other robust practice requires a regular customer base to thrive.

If you want to get more clients always focus more on the following:

  • Age bracket
  • Location
  • Practice
  • Buying patterns
  • Give Back

A good way to die a lonesome death is to never give a helping hand. Isn’t said that what matters at the end of our journey is what we left behind? The memories, love, care, and support that we gave? Family practice is like that.

Giving back to society is the best way to touch society in the most delicate place. It helps to provide the support that you need and a co-existence that gives the community the “ownership” of your facility.

They will protect you and support you as one of their own. This is indeed the best environment for a business to thrive, get referrals, and cement a permanent image in the minds of the community. One way that my wife and I often did that was to organize free medical camps and dental checkups twice a year.

Anyway, I am not telling you that you’ve got to do all these, what I am saying is simple. If you want more clients, you’ve got to do one or two things right and these tips will often come in handy for family practices. It is the one way that I have managed to keep my wonderful dental practice clean and professional, yet fun and with a good tasting experience.

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